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These compilation of games are my own works. Feel free to enjoy playing around with them.

My Games

Ever since I learnt Flash 8 back in 2001/2002, I've coded quite a lot of Flash games. I'll post what I can here since some of those games are done freelance for companies. Hope you enjoy playing them as well, and take a look at my Flash learning journey.


I think this is the very first Flash game I've ever written. I remember buying a book on making games with Flash 5, or something like that. I was very into Warcraft then too, so I used the images from wherever I can find, and pieced them together into this game. I make no claims on the artwork used here. I also remember that this is the time where this game "Typing of the Dead" is quite popular, and I thought of making a typing game on my own too.


Check it out here.

Love Catchers

This is a sweet, romantic game which I made for 2 players. It is inspired by the game Gold Miner, but in a reverse fashion; you control a magical box which shoots an extensible catcher to catch some hearts floating in the sky. I added some twists to it like adding a charge meter where you can hold down a button, charge up, and make your grappler move further.

love catchers screen shot

Find a loved one and play it together now. Check it out here.

The Last Snowman

This is one of my game entries for a competition about global warming and conservation. I came up with the idea of the melting arctic, and that there was a character called Snowy the snowman. Due to the massive meltdown, he is the Last Snowman of the Arctic.

Players have to help him on this platformer adventure to reach the IPCC to warn them about the disaster the world is causing because of massive pollution and irresponsible exploitation of nature.

the last snowman screenshot

The boss fight here is one of the biggest I've designed until then, and it has 2 phases to make it a bit more challenging. After you defeat the boss, you could even step on his body to get across. Took a bit of extra coding to make that happen.

Check it out here.

Snowflakes Frenzy

This is a mini-game spin off when I was working on a longer game The Last Snowman. I thought I liked the idea of having a game where things start off very simple and intuitive, where you basically just control a character to collect items for points.

I then added enhancements to it such that as time passes, more and more game elements appear in the game. You then have to figure out the complex interactions between them, to score a higher point. For example, a plain snowman will drop from the sky after some time. If you use your snowballs to hit it a few times, the snowman actually grows and become a point generating "totem".

snowflakes frenzy screenshot

Well, enough said, head over here to play it.

Castle Defense

I was playing a lot of Sangokushi Taisen in the arcades and I thought it would be so cool to write my own castle defense game. Unfortunately, I couldn't get all the hardware and the cards with magnetic ink on them, so I had to settle for a Flash version.

To make things interesting (plus the fact I can't find someone to test it with reguarly), I added AI to the second player, and wrote in 2 distinct classes, and 3 boss fights.

castle defense screenshot

You can play the game right here. But first, grab a friend to play with you!

iLights (1st version)

Coming soon.

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